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Harmonious Euphonies For Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising Our Existences In Radient Corpuscle Galaxies

CD - released February 3, 2005 



Limited Edition

Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

Somethings are beyond the darkness…

You could hear the distant rain falling, the wind was calling your name and the shadows play mind games with your eyes. You watched as lightning strikes the same place twice. Then you stared into the darkness. And he stared back with inflamed, demonic, red eyes. "Why do you strain to see into me?" Asked the night. "Haven't you seen me before? Aah, but you have not. I am what you know and do not acknowledge and what you are afraid to find out…”

Dahlia’s Tear debut shows off the use of field recordings and subtle drone to create a dark but vibrant atmosphere and aural reflection of the journeys through fantasy realms and this more introverted and personal touch.

This celestial album offers a unique listening and cosmic experience that integrates sound orchestration with speculative dark ambient music to present a melancholic account of one’s inner world rendered in sound.

Inviting the listener to distant woods in pitch black with Dahlia's Tear! 



released February 3, 2005

Written, Produced, Performed
Anile D.


1.Revenge Of The Queen Lilac 3:12

2.Radiation 7:02

3.Scarlet Ad Infinitum 5:00

4.When The Grey Oakleaf Bloomed 5:28

5.Endless Snow Spiralling Gentle 5:00

6.Sullinen Kyyhkynen 6:37

7.Hydrangea Wept In Emerald Lake 6:29

8.Voyage & Calaquendi 4:54

9.Ice Lake Diacenna 3:22

10.Neptune's Sore, The Blueness    3:58


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