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My Rotten Spirit Of Black

My Rotten Spirit of Black - Remastered

CD - released March 24, 2019


Limited Edition Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

Comes in 4 Panel Digipack CD with Michal Karcz’s stunning artwork.

Are you the real owner of your existence?

The last light in the universe went out on the coast of a metallic cliff where no one could pass. At that moment, a water droplet fell from the most distant stars to the earth. There was a story in this water drop that no one knew. The shadows of twilight deepened as the story grew into a cold, steady rain. Indolently shades of silver crept onto the mountainside and the water formed a mirror, turning the stars into a crown. Obliviously, your essence is snared by the solitude in the gloom of the night.

Morphing and shifting drones blend in musical, dreamy, light-hearted elements with harsher and remote industrial field recordings projecting the image of enchanted dark woods and snow-covered mountain peaks.

Original tracks released by Alcor Production (Alc 1) in 2007
Restored and Remastered at Nightade (Sweden) by Anile.D. (Dahlia’s Tear)

Just imagine the idea of making dark ambient darker... With this second release, Dahlia’s Tear engage this concept in a most sinister and provocative fashion while simultaneously branching off in a fairly different direction than the debut.

For the music lover who can sit and enjoy the evolving sound of someone else’s nightmares!



released March 24, 2019

Written, Produced, Performed
Anile D.


1.Close Your Eyes And Cease To Exist 04:18

2.Suicidal Notes From Lifeless Ghosts 07:56

3.But Death Does Not Come So Easily 05:20

4.Can't Go On Another Moment 03:12

5.Unbearable Times 06:06

6.Six Five Four... Three... Control... Uncontrolled 06:38

7.Farewell My Rotten Spirit Of Black 06:20

8.The End 08:55


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