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Under Seven Skies

CD - released December 10, 2017


Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

Comes in a high quality 4 Panel Digipak CD with original artwork.


Limited edition of 1000 copies.

The world of ‘Under Seven Skies’ is filled with an all overshadowing darkness and a wind made of despair is wafting through the gloomy soundscapes Anil is painting. The 7th Sky begins with a threatening appearing wall of synthesizers and field recordings. He also initially introduces wailing guitar sounds into the mix; what sounds kind of strange in that dense entity of ethereal and floating sounds. Rhythmic sounds are mostly used as a gentle and not too obtrusive accentuation, except for the 6th sky, where they become a major part of the composition as a demanding percussion whirlwind which gives the song a ritual feeling.


There seems to be a sort of common re-appearing ambient theme in some of the songs, appearing in a different shape every time;
sometimes as a male choral or just as an extremely widened synth layer. The highlight for me and the final track is the first sky with the title ‘Minimalism’ which begins with a recording of a thunderstorm and you can hear the rain falling down on earth and slowly electronic elements sneak into the storm of which the most beautiful surely is the violin whether it’s a synth or a real one doesn’t matter; the feeling of endless melancholy it creates is what counts and this is deeply touching. ‘Under Seven Skies’ is ambient in a very pure form and conjures up dark pictures in the listener’s mind.

The music unfolds its true beauty when listening to it in twilight, then just close your eyes and drift away.

Reflection of Darkness

"Seven skies bear our sorrow, the winds are our consolation. We shall arise from the horizons where the colors fade..."



released released December 10, 2017

Written, Produced, Performed
Anile D.

Artwork [Cover], Graphic Design – Nephelia


1.7th Sky She Winnows The Galanthus, Synaptic State 07:11

2.6th Sky Spellbound The Circles 06:25

3.5th Sky Within A Dying Single Ember 08:52

4.4th Sky Convergence & Pointless 08:11

5.3rd Sky In-Perfection, From The Past Subconscious 03:04

6.2nd Sky Between Lights, Unreleased Colours And Earth 08:48

7.1st Sky Minimalism + 05:32


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